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Lucy Pre-Operation



Lettie has been in our care since the beginning of October - she is really looking forward to her own home. Lettie still finds it difficult to walk past other dogs, though when wearing a head-collar she is calmer and easier to control.  She is in good health and has now been spayed.  She desperately needs a home of her own with no other dogs to disturb her, then she will become a wonderful companion as a family member. She required time to recover from the ordeal of her previous home; and re-training.  The Vet bill, her ‘board and lodgings’ are all adding up, and we are still looking for the right home to take care of her. Sometimes a Great Dane with ‘special needs’ stay in our care for many, many months, and we will never recover the cost of their stay, let alone any medical treatment.  Please remember Lettie is one of many heartbroken dogs who no one wants, and the shame is that it was a human who caused her distress. Please donate today to help us to help dogs like Lettie. 



You are one of our most important supporters; you take time to read about the Great Danes that need help and you do something about it. Each year NGDR spends up to £12,000 (£7,000 on Veterinary bills, £4,500 on Kennelling, and £500 on Foster care as well as food, travel expenses and finally administration costs which we endeavour to keep to a minimum. MARCH 2017… so far this year WE HAVE PAID Veterinary bills totalling… £4,703.28. Your wonderful donations for our ‘URGENT APPEAL’ Great Danes, help us to meet the rising costs of their treatment, and many others that need our help. Your commitment and support mean so much to all of us at NGDR. You make a real difference to relieve the suffering of Great Danes that come in to our care. Without you to rely on we will not be able to achieve so much. Please accept our grateful thanks for your support and donation.






KAISER has now settled into his new home and at last enjoying life. THANK YOU for the wonderful donations which went towards his Veterinary and kennelling bills. 





THEO is re-homed and having a wonderful time. THANK YOU for the amazing donations which helped pay for his keep and Veterinary bill.

Without your help we would be struggling!






LUCY…   THANK YOU for your wonderful response, your donations have helped her to see without pain.



Join the Animal Health Trust’s fight against cancer

Cancer is the most common cause of death in dogs and the second most common cause in cats. However the good news is that with the right facilities, expertise and treatment it is the most curable chronic disease in these animals.

Animal Health Trust continues its investigation into Seasonal Canine Illness

Dog Owners Warned To Stay Alert As Season For Mystery Dog Illness Approaches

A leading veterinary charity is issuing an alert to dog owners across the county, asking them to stay vigilant for signs of a mystery illness which can kill dogs.