In the 1960’s Muriel Osborne started a rescue service for Great Danes.  At that time there were fewer breed clubs, but most did their best to help a Dane in need.

In 1982 Great Dane owners and representatives from five breed clubs united and formed a Committee.  It is Minuted that the Midland & West Great Dane club already ran a Rescue service, and consequently were able to advise the Committee on appropriate paperwork for the forthcoming new Charity. 

The organisation achieved its charitable status on the 19th April 1984,


NATIONAL GREAT DANE RESCUE, Charity Number 289344.

To give you an indication of the number of Great Danes re-homed nationally in the early days; in 1985 it was recorded that 100 were found new homes, 73 dogs and 27 bitches.  These days that number is far exceeded, perhaps 600+ would be realistically re-homed, through breed organisations and dog centres.

We are a small hard working Committee and we each have defined jobs to do.  Besides the caring and Re-homing of the Danes there’s the task of bookkeeping by the Treasurer, the Membership to collate, Annual Magazine, Newsletters, and Calendar to produce, Sales, Shows and Fund Raising at Fairs.

We conduct a professional approach to all matters concerning our Charity; we do not take lightly all the hard work and achievements of our predecessors.

All Great Danes are fully assessed before they move on to their new home; likewise the new applicant is home checked to ensure they have suitable facilities and can provide for the Dane’s needs.  Only when these criteria are satisfied is an appropriate Dane offered for adoption.

Our policy is to ensure the health and welfare of all Great Danes that become known to us.