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If you are considering adopting a Great Dane then please take time to read the following questions:

  • Will the dog be left longer than 4 hours per day?
  • Will the dog always live in the house – never in a kennel/shed?
  • Do you live in a rented or Housing Association property?  If so, do you have written permission to keep a dog?
  • Do you have any experience with a Great Dane or a large breed?
  • If you have children or visiting children, have they lived with a Great Dane or large breed, and managed with the size?
  • Do you have the finances to keep a Great Dane?  Food and Vet bills are expensive.
  • Do you keep any other animals?  If so, will the adopted Great Dane be accepted?
  • If you keep other dogs, are they neutered or spayed?
  • Will the dog accompany you on holidays, or will you make arrangements for a dog/house sitter?
  • Is there a local park or fields to walk the dog, with a safe ‘off lead’ area?
  • Is the floor covering in your house nonslip?  Tiles, laminate and wooden floors are too slippery for Great Dane’s feet.
  • Does your garden have 5 to 6 feet high secure fencing totally enclosed?
  • Finally, can you fit a Great Dane in your car?

Please consider further:

  • Does your Vet have any experience with Great Danes or at least large breeds?
  • Will you be prepared to travel to visit, and then collect your Great Dane?

If you feel you can offer a Great Dane a home, and you would like to discuss all aspects of re-homing a Rescue, please call our Helpline on 01249 720881...

Click here to download the Adoption Application Form and send to:

Andrew Alexander,
Turnpike Lodge,
Goodenough Corner,
Compton Bassett,
SN11 8SN.

Please click on the "RE-HOMING" section to see what Great Danes we currently have assessed and are ready for re-homing. This page will be regularly updated, so please continue to check it.