Join the Animal Health Trust’s fight against cancer

Cancer is the most common cause of death in dogs and the second most common cause in cats. However the good news is that with the right facilities, expertise and treatment it is the most curable chronic disease in these animals.

The Animal Health Trust is developing a new Cancer Centre which will provide all three treatment options: surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, on one site. The brand new facility – due to open in 2012 - will treat horses, dogs and cats and also aims to further knowledge and understanding of cancer, not only in animals, but also in people.

Sue Murphy, Head of Clinical Cancer Treatment at the AHT, said: “Having all three treatment options on one site means that whatever the diagnosis, we will be able to offer each and every patient the very best options for their specific case. With one in four dogs and one in six cats developing cancer at some time in their life this new centre will help many more animals from all across the UK.”

Treating animals with all types of the disease will enable the AHT’s vets and scientists to expand current knowledge about cancer. This will help with the development of new ways to diagnose and treat the disease.

Vets and scientists at the AHT already work with cancer researchers looking at the disease in humans. There are a number of links between human and animal cancers which have already been identified. It is hoped that knowledge gained from the AHT Cancer Centre may also help in the understanding of cancer in people.

The AHT has launched an urgent appeal to raise funds to equip the centre with a linear accelerator. If you would like to make a donation to this appeal, please visit or call 01638 555648.