If you have many years experience in living with Great Danes, could you help us by becoming an Area Helper to...

We have found by meeting the Dane in its home and see how he/she lives, sleeps, exercises, feeds, and generally copes with all different aspects of the home, provides us with invaluable information so that we can understand the Dane better whilst in our care.

An experienced Great Dane owner visits the Applicant and all their family, including all their animals, to see whether they understand the complexities of owning a Dane and aware of all its needs; also that they have the correct facilities for its welfare.

If you have experience in handling Great Danes and own a Great Dane size vehicle, preferably with a caged door so that the Dane cannot escape whilst the main door is being opened, then we would appreciate your help.

Sometimes a Dane needs to be moved immediately from its home; co-ordinating transportation is not always straightforward.

Then contact us on...   01249 720881

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