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The following advice is a guideline and may not apply to your circumstances.

Always consult a Vet where possible.

Our Liability is limited – click Disclaimer for details.

Burns by scalding or hot water and boiling oil:

Cover the area with cold water.  Take the dog to the Vet immediately for treatment, whilst travelling keep the area cooled with cold wet towels.

Burns by flame, candle flame and wax:

Smother the flame, i.e. with a rug, towel or coat until it is extinguished, than cover the area with cold water.  As above, take the dog to the Vet immediately for treatment.

The dog will be screaming in pain, if you can, put a few drops of Rescue Remedy into the dogs mouth; a few for you too! Shock is inevitable.

In all instances DO NOT APPLY ICE to cool the dog it will cause further burns to the affected area.

Wheat bags: do not allow a dog to lie directly onto a heated wheat bag, the temperature will intensify and could cause burns.

Heat lamps: do not allow a dog to lie under a heat lamp with a wet coat, the water will heat up and could cause burns.

Heatstroke: if a dog lies in direct sunlight too long it could suffer heatstroke.