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The following advice is a guideline and may not apply to your circumstances.

Always consult a Vet where possible.

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Dogs will eat anything and when objects like babies’ dummies, toys, balls and sticks become lodged in the throat, the dog will gag repeatedly and paw frantically at the mouth.  This is a case of severe choking, the inner dog’s jowl could turn blue due to lack of oxygen; you have very little time to act.  (An asthma attack could also show similar symptoms).


Check in the dog’s mouth for signs of an obstruction, remove if possible, taking care not to be bitten.  (The cardboard inner tube to Co-Plus – Flexible Cohesive Bandage, makes a stable support to jam the mouth open, between the back teeth, without harming the dog’s mouth, or something similar).

If you are successful in removing the object, your dog will still need immediate Veterinary attention.  Depending on what the dog swallowed, there still could be bits stuck in his throat.  On the journey to the Vet, talk quietly and reassuringly to the dog also ensure that there’s fresh air circulating.