The following advice is a guideline and may not apply to your circumstances.

Always consult a Vet where possible.

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A cut foot pad is one of the most common canine injuries.  If the pad is cut by glass while out on a walk, it can bleed for more than 30 minutes.


Stem the flow of blood by applying a pressure bandage.  Do not put cotton wool directly on the wound. Instead use a clean handkerchief, shirt or a piece of sheet, to make an absorbent pad.  Press firmly on the wound.

If the blood is bright red coming in spurts, a major artery may have been severed.

Do not apply a tourniquet, do not remove soaked cloths, just continue to add layers to the pressure bandage and keep pressing very firmly until the Vet can take over treatment.

If the cut is minor, wipe clean with warm salty water (½ teaspoon to ½ pint) or Pure Lavender Oil mixed in warm water (3 drops to ½ pint).  Each time the dog has exercise, make sure all bits of dirt are removed.  Whilst the dog is quiet and resting, dress the cut with Sudacrem mixed with Pure Lavender Oil,  (3 drops to 50 grams), or apply Aleo Vera gel.

If the cut needs covering i.e. before a walk on a gritty or hard surface, put on a thick based sock (sports sock), and secure in place using ‘CO-PLUS’ Flexible Cohesive Bandage. (Brilliant for holding sock in place and doesn’t irritate the skin or pull out the dog’s hairs on removal).  If more protection is needed then purchase a boot that will be strong on rough terrain.