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The following advice is a guideline and may not apply to your circumstances.

Always consult a Vet where possible.

Our Liability is limited – click Disclaimer for details.

This advice is based on your dog being fit and healthy...

If the Faeces are a little loose, then continue feeding as normal but monitor the dog.

Should the Faeces become quite loose then withhold all food and water for between 12 and 24 hours, other than half a cup of water to wet the dog’s mouth.  Contact your Vet for advice and any treatment prescribed by your Vet should be given during this period.

After this time, a light diet should be given; the maxim is ‘little and often’.  Suitable foods include; cottage cheese, egg yolks, boiled rice, chicken, fish (take care to remove all bones!), and rabbit.  Complan and Farex (both made up with water), quantities:  7-10 tablespoons for the average Dane, 5-6 times daily.

No red meats, liver, milk, fat, dried foods or biscuit/meal should be given.

Providing the diarrhoea has cleared up, the normal diet can be gradually reintroduced after a week free from any symptons.  Any treatment should be completed i.e. do not stop medicines or tablets at the first sign of recovery.

Should diarrhoea continue for longer than three or four days, or if the condition deteriorates, e.g. increased frequency of diarrhoea, do not delay but go to your Vet as soon as possible!

If the Faeces are watery and/or spurt violently from the dog, then immediately take the dog to your Vet.  Remember to take a Faeces specimen with you.