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Danes have an annoying habit of wagging their tails against hard surfaces causing the tip to split open.  This is an extremely difficult area to heal, perhaps the following information may help.

If you have a particular senseless Dane who insists on whacking its tail at every conceivable opportunity redecorating your lovely newly papered walls, try the following to protect the wound.

After applying a dressing on the wound, tape on a hair curler to surround and protect the dressing (preferably not the prickily type), this will protect from any whacks and allow air to pass through to the wound.  Alternatively try the cradle idea; see picture below, by kind permission of Ronnie Jones.



Only wash the wound if it bleeds or gets dirty.

The wound needs time to heal and scab.  Scabs form to stop bleeding, they are nature’s plasters.

Never cover the wound completely, stopping air circulation.

Never leave a dressing on for longer than 24 hours – gangrene can set in very quickly.

If all else fails, Veterinary Laser treatment is also extremely good.