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The following advice is a guideline and may not apply to your circumstances.

Always consult a Vet where possible.

Our Liability is limited – click Disclaimer for details.

This advice is based on your dog being fit and healthy...

If your dog has just vomited his dinner or, after eating grass, is sick once or twice, there’s no need for treatment.  However, if this should continue for several hours, stop all food intake and only give water sparingly. Call the Vet for advice.

If your dog should vomit yellowy, frothy bile stop all food, give only half a cup of water to wet the dog’s mouth.  Should the dog continually vomit for more than a couple of hours, call the Vet for advice. If you have more than one dog, isolate from the others.  Read our Bloat pagesfor more information.

Should the dog vomit frothy bile that is slightly brown in colour, take the dog to the Vet immediately with a specimen of vomit. Read our Bloat pages for more information.

If a puppy under 9 months old is vomiting, remove it from the litter and call the Vet for advice.  Read our Bloat pages for more information.

In all cases keep a record of the time the dog first vomited – note the circumstances i.e. stomach full or empty - the possibility of scavenged rubbish - remember to take a specimen to the Vet.