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The guidelines are for your Great Dane’s General Care, young or old.  There are hints and tips and lots more, just click on the relevant page.

When you re-home a Great Dane of any age, the following advice will help you to settle the dog into their new abode with consideration.

The trade secrets of looking after a Great Dane.

Many a saga has been written about the eating habits of Great Danes.  Suffice to say a good daily routine is your best policy.  Make it and stick to it!

By kind permission of Elaine Hyde.

There is nothing worse than a poor feeder, nothing more calculated to send the sanest of dog lovers round the twist.  It is frustrating and worrying not to mention wasteful.  The tale of ‘The Problem Feeder’ is well told, and most breeders have heard it a hundred times, even if you have not had it poured down the phone to you before, I am sure it will ring a few bells!

General advice from 'toddler' to 'senior citizen'.

A Great Dane can be quite a steady, nothing will faze, easy to live with dog, but others will test your patience.  Some will have such peculiar quirks, that you’re left wondering whether in AREA 51 more than the odd alien or two landed to scare the human race!


The following questions are to be found on the Police Website

It is advisable to go on line and read the answers, so that you are quite clear on the law regarding dogs.

Q21:   There is a dog in a vehicle that appears hot and distressed, what should I do?