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Many a saga has been written about the eating habits of Great Danes.  Suffice to say a good daily routine is your best policy.  Make it and stick to it!

2 meals daily; breakfast and tea or slip in a lunch. But do remember, the total daily quantity is divided by 2 or 3, not double or treble what the Dane should sensibly eat.  And do remember to put the bowl in a stand just below shoulder height.

Fresh water should at all times be available, out of the sunlight.

There are many different foods on the market, dried complete meal, raw minced tripe, raw chicken, wholemeal biscuit, all shapes, colours and size biscuits, kibble, organic foods, vegetarian foods or a complete raw diet.  It is up to you which path you wish to follow.

NGDR feeds raw minced tripe and a wholemeal biscuit to our Rescued Great Danes; in some instances we will feed Skinners dried feed with raw minced tripe.

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