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Camrosa Ointment

Camrosa Ointment stops itching, soothes the skin, promotes the natural healing of open wounds and sores, and encourages hair to grow back once the skin has healed.



Verm-X works to create an environment in the gut and digestive system that is able to eradicate and expel intestinal challenges. Unlike some pharmaceutical products that act with a purging effect, Verm-X is very gentle.



 PETPlus is a whole food supplement which promotes and maintains whole body health. 


Dog Lost

Is an internet based dog registration scheme which actively helps you locate your dog.



Provides free veterinary services for the pets of needy owners in the UK.

Hale Veterinary Hospital

Receives referral appointments in Ophthalmology.

Corton Kennels Cattery

The care and comfort of your pet is always our greatest priority.


The Skinner family have been making animal foods for seven generations.

The Great Dane Club

The senior Great Dane club of Great Britain.


The Pennine Great Dane Club



Great Dane Adoption Society





Medical Detection Dogs

Medical Detection Dogs is a charity that trains dogs to help    people with life threatening health conditions.