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Lofty a 9 1/2 year old Gentleman who was re-homed this summer.  His previous life was good but he lived with a bossy Great Dane bitch, and latterly, having moved from an Island existence where he had freedom to stroll, found life restricted to lead walks when possible.  Within a couple of weeks of being in our care, two lovely people took Lofty into their home where at last he had enjoyable walks, good food, comfortable beds and most important, he didn't have to wait in line for a cuddle, now he had his own family who showed him great love. 

Sadly, shortly before Christmas, Lofty started to suffer from Epileptic Fits and the Vet advised that Lofty should be released out of his suffering. The following poem is in his memory.

"Our gentle boy, with us no more
Life with him was never a bore
Although dreamland was his thing
A lot of waking hours did bring
Our coffee time with his Bonios,
How we miss him nobody knows.

In the kitchen we would meet
For a sneaky tasty treat
To turn the clock back would be great
But a sacrifice we had to make
So, our gentle giant, wherever you are
You will be remembered near and far. "


Kiera came into our care at the grand age of 8 years old.  She was re-homed after a quick assessment and settled in straight away.  She was a perfect ambassador for her breed.  She had no issues with other dogs, and when introduced to people, children in particular, there was never a problem. 

There were never any tricky moments other than her wanting to sit on your lap!

Sadly Kiera only had 5 months in her new home.  She was the sweetest most loving character you could ever wish to take into your home and your heart.  




Mouse is a very handsome seventeen month old boy.

He settled himself into his new home immediately, and has never needed any training other than to stop pulling on the lead.  After one month he was let off the lead as his recall has been very good.

He is friendly with people and dogs but does play rather rough!




Elsa is now over 2 years old.  She settled into her new home very well with no major problems.  She enjoys meeting new people and dogs on her walks, and after about 6 weeks she was trusted to be let off lead.

Elsa is fed a Raw diet with very little dry. Elsa is very playful, lots of fun and adores her new family's bed.