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Bertie has a wonderful home!  He has settled in very well.
I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ for the amazing donations we received, they helped to pay for his successful operation.

Your kindness and caring is very much appreciated .



Patiently waiting for nearly one year Lettie has a new home! Whilst the final arrangements were being made, just two days to go before the journey to her new home, Lettie suffered a gastric torsion! Thankfully she recovered very well and a couple of weeks later she travelled well and has now settled happily into a home she deserves after such a long wait.

Lettie isn't the first Great Dane that has cost this Charity nearly £4,000 in kennel and Veterinary fees. Your support over these many months has helped us tremendously.

Time and again, you show us just how deeply you care about Great Danes; they depend on NGDR and you.... every day of the year! We promise you we won't let them down. 

THANK YOU for your support.



KAISER has now settled into his new home and at last enjoying life. THANK YOU for the wonderful donations which went towards his Veterinary and kennelling bills. 




THEO is re-homed and having a wonderful time. THANK YOU for the amazing donations which helped pay for his keep and Veterinary bill.

Without your help we would be struggling!



 LUCY…   THANK YOU for your wonderful response, your donations have helped her to see without pain.


You are one of our most important supporters; you take time to read about the Great Danes that need help and you do something about it. 

Each year NGDR spends up to £12,000 (£7,000 on Veterinary bills, £4,500 on Kennelling, and £500 on Foster care as well as food, travel expenses and finally administration costs which we endeavour to keep to a minimum. 

Your wonderful donations for our ‘URGENT APPEAL’ Great Danes, help us to meet the rising costs of their treatment, and many others that need our help. 

Your commitment and support mean so much to all of us at NGDR. You make a real difference to relieve the suffering of Great Danes that come in to our care. Without you to rely on we will not be able to achieve so much. 

Please accept our grateful thanks for your support and donation.